While going to great lengths to be the end-all to every conceivable staffing problem you might have, we never forget the reason why we’re in business—to make you look good. At WorkBox, we’ve had our heads screwed on right since day one. We fully understand that if we aren’t impacting your productivity and improving your business with every contact, we’re not doing our jobs. Explains why we’re not often seen lunching at the finer spots or hobknobbing on the course with a foursome of higher-ups. We’re busy at it every single day, earning our keep, and doing everything we can to keep your business successful.

A great workforce is at the core of every great business. At WorkBox Staffing, we know that smart, productive, and hard-working individuals are critical to helping you produce the best goods and services. We are dedicated to helping businesses in Muskegon, Detroit and throughout Michigan, Indiana and Texas build the best workforce.  We are proud to be the employment agency that local and national businesses trust for their staffing needs.

We hold our job applicants to the highest standards because we know you expect nothing but the best. Our job candidates undergo an extensive screening process to make sure they’re right for the job. To ensure that we find the best workers, we specialize in hiring for manufacturing, industrial work, warehouse operation, office support and more. We take it upon ourselves to separate the performers from the duds so we don’t waste any of your valuable time. We have candidates with a variety of relevant skill sets ready to fill jobs as administrative assistants, receptionists, data entry personnel, drivers, order pickers, shipping and receiving, machine operators and builders, food service workers, janitors, quality control inspectors and so much more. We will work closely with you to fill any position your company may need. At our employment agency, we’ve got everything under one roof.

We are known for our incredible customer service and our great regional knowledge. To make your job easier, we offer a variety of services including direct hire, temp to hire, short-term, long-term temporary and contract workers, payroll plans, drug and alcohol screenings, background checks, resume workshops, workplace skills proficiency tests and much more. We are a small, personal employment agency serving areas like Muskegon, Warren, and Southgate with big business offerings. We never forget who we are working for–you. Your business’ success matters to us, so there’s no wasted time or money. We’re down to earth and down to business.

If you want to learn more about our array of staffing solutions, contact us today!