Recruiting trends for 2019 follow a basic theme: candidates have the power. Gone are the days where a company took as long as it wanted in making a decision. To find and keep the best talent, you need to focus your strategy on why they should choose you and sell your company. To keep up with this trend, consider implementing the following recruitment strategies on the rise.

Provide a good candidate experience

In today’s recruitment climate, you have to treat your candidates like customers. This means thinking about what they want and need and working with them whenever possible. If you keep the candidate updated throughout the process and extend an offer quickly, you’ll create a better experience.

Taking too long to make an offer or failing to update them at all could do more than cost you qualified people for this position – it could keep more candidates from applying in the future. One post on Glassdoor or negative conversation can sully your brand reputation.

Speaking of brand reputation

How you present yourself is almost as important as what you have to present. Your brand is an applicant’s first introduction to your company. Every choice, from logo to colors to website layout, affects their opinion of you. A strong brand combines both compelling visuals and a strong mission. When your mission is supported by your work and actions, you’ll see more candidates wishing to be a part of it.

Build up your talent selection

A LinkedIn study found that 90 percent of professionals around the world are open to learning about new career opportunities, but less than 40 percent of them are currently looking to make a change. It’s up to you to find the talent you want and woo them into joining your team.

Build your talent pool based on people you feel would fit into positions within your company. Cultivate these relationships, so you stay up to date with your options.

Trust our recruiting expertise

The top recruiting trends and methods may change, but our commitment to delivering you the best won’t. We keep up with changes to the staffing industry to make sure we’re doing what works for your company. Our goal is simple – make your business as profitable and productive as possible. Find out more about our methods today!

Looking for a job in a different state can be an exciting experience. You’re likely trying to make the jump to be closer to someone you love, work in a hub for your chosen field or simply explore a new opportunity. Moving cross country for a job is intriguing, but it’s important to consider the following when approaching the application.

Be honest about your location

As tempting as it may be to hide the fact you aren’t a local candidate, honesty is always the best policy. If it’s going to be a disqualification, it will either be immediate or later after time and effort have been spent from both parties. Disclose your plans to move in the cover letter to show the employer you’re serious about the transition.

Explain your reason

Why you plan to move is almost as important as the move itself. An employer wants to see that you’re making a long-term change instead of a flighty decision. Making a move on a whim for a change of scenery will likely disqualify you early, but showing you have real connections to a city, like family, college or professional networks, will work in your favor.

Prepare yourself for video conferencing

Video conferencing makes out-of-state interviewing easier because you can have what feels like a face-to-face meeting without making the trek. If you’ve set up an online video using a service such as Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts, make sure you understand how the software works prior to beginning the interview. Don’t forget to carefully plan your outfit – just because you’re interviewing remotely, the standards of dress still apply.

Take advantage of connections

Referrals are an easy way to get your name into consideration for an out-of-state position. Asking your contact for an introduction can bridge the gap between you and an employer and provide an initial endorsement that can get you an interview.

Visit the city

At some point, you will have to spend time in the new city for interviews, residence hunting, etc. Give yourself several weeks, if possible, where you can acclimate to the city and make yourself available for any interviews that come up suddenly.

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Filling a position at your company isn’t as easy as posting the job, receiving an application, interviewing and then hiring. These are the basic steps, but each takes time and consideration, causing your hire time to delay dramatically. Being thorough is important but taking too long can have negative results on both your company and the candidate you eventually select.

Secure better talent

Your dedication to choosing the best candidate can actually cost you the most qualified talent. The longer you wait, the more likely it is your in-demand applicants will interview and receive offers from other companies.

Instead of accepting your offer, it might be too late, or they may use another opportunity for leverage. You have to wait longer for an answer, and the candidate might end up costing more money.

Plus, the longer you delay in deciding, the easier it is to forget what you liked about candidates, and the comparison becomes challenging, meaning you could miss the most qualified because you forgot what they had to offer.

Save time and money

The longer a position is open, the more other members of the team are dedicating themselves to doing the work and assisting in the hiring process. Your productivity can decrease because no one is devoting themselves fully to their job.

If you wait too long and miss out on your preferred candidate, you’ll have to settle for someone who might not be a good fit, meaning the time and money you spend can ultimately amount to a loss if this person decides to leave.

Improved company reputation

Websites like Glassdoor make it easy to rate and comment on a company’s inner workings, including the hiring process. If you take too long, frustrated candidates may go online and discuss their situation, causing future applicants to decide against pursuing a position at your company.

When you try to hire quickly and keep the candidates informed along the way, you’re creating a better experience for them and ultimately helping yourself in the future.

Let us make it easy for you

At Workbox Staffing, we understand how stressful the hiring process can be and how much time it can take. We guarantee we’ll find you the top performers you need to succeed, not just a body to fill a void. Find out more about our areas of specialty and how we can assist you with all your hiring needs!

Depending on your career, shiftwork might be an inevitable reality, meaning at some point you’ll have to work the night shift. While it’s the same length as other shifts, it can feel longer because of the unnatural time you’re awake and working. To make it through your shift successfully, consider these four ways to survive the night shift.

Develop good sleep habits

This is especially important if you’ll be working a lot of night shifts; however, it’s still wise to consider these suggestions even if you’re scheduled sporadically. First, you should prepare for sleeping after your shift prior to working. Consider purchasing a sleep mask, white noise machine, and blackout curtains. Most of the world will be functioning when it’s time for you to sleep and these items can keep the noise and distractions out. When trying to fall asleep, don’t spend too much time on your phone, computer or watching television.

Before you shift, it’s important to stay up as late as possible the night before. This way you can sleep later into the day, allowing you to be more well-rested for your shift.

Stay hydrated

The brain is 70 percent water, meaning to keep your cognitive functions running smoothly, hydration is a must. Drinking water will keep you refreshed and alert. Use a refillable water bottle and track how much you’re drinking to ensure you’re properly hydrated for your entire shift.

 Focus on relaxation

If your overnight job is filled with stress, finding activities to help you relax when you’re not working will keep you more focused on the job and calm while you’re away. The more relaxed you are, the better you’ll be able to sleep.

Monitor your caffeine intake

Sometimes you need an extra boost for your shift, but too much can affect your need for sleep after. Make sure you’re monitoring how many cups of coffee or soda you’re consuming and avoid caffeine toward the end of your shift.

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As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to start thinking about everything you want to accomplish in 2019. Whether it’s resolutions to be more productive, to work out more, or to spend more time with your family, the goal is to always do ‘more’ of what’s good for you. Sometimes it’s important to focus on what you should do less of, especially when it comes to these bad work habits.

Spending Time With Negative Nancy’s

Most people want to be liked and feel included. Often, especially in work settings, this can lead people to fall in with the negative crowds. The co-workers who are skeptical about everything and always have a snide comment to add. While it’s hard to distance yourself from these ‘cool kids,’ being away from the negativity is ultimately better for your productivity and your attitude.

Overeating Due To Stress

It’s hard to avoid stress at work, just like it’s hard to say no to cake in the breakroom. Often, these two overlap and even though you aren’t hungry, that day-old cake seems like the perfect way to cope with ongoing stress. This year, make a conscious effort to say no to eating when you aren’t hungry and find more productive ways to address the stress.

Eating Too Much Junk Food

Similar to overeating due to stress, it can be easy when you’re busy to opt for fast food on the go or a soda to boost you up. While these things are fine occasionally, too often they can leave you feeling tired and unproductive, which is the last thing you want at work.

Be more mindful of packing your food ahead of time, so the battle is half won at lunch time. Take time to purchase and pack food you enjoy, that will also boost your energy, so you can feel good, eat well, and say no to junk food temptations.

Being Late

Sometimes this is unavoidable, but it can also stem from a chronic inability to leave on time. In 2019, resolve to arrive on time – if not early – and start by giving yourself more time in the morning. When you rush and arrive to work late, your day has started in a scramble and that feeling of being on edge will stay with you throughout the day. Try waking up a little earlier to give yourself more time to prepare for your day, and arrive to work on time and ready to kick butt.

Complaining About Your Job

This year, don’t stay at your job if you aren’t satisfied. Take the plunge and find a new opportunity. If you’re looking for something new in light industrial, manufacturing, or clerical settings, partner with Workbox Staffing to make 2019 the year you change your life. We work with you to learn about your skills and where you want to go, to help find the perfect fit. Apply today and see how we can help your career continue to grow.

You can’t know exactly what to expect when you go into a job interview. Each company will take a different approach and you’ll be in varying environments. While you can’t be sure of every specific, there are a few questions you can prepare for in advance. Here are five answers to prepare before you get asked during an interview.

“Tell me about yourself”

Despite knowing yourself, this question might suddenly make you feel like an empty shell if you aren’t properly prepared. This is the broadest version of the question, so it’s important to note the employer usually wants to know about your career and the relevant skills you bring based on your experience to this role. Practice explaining your career before each interview, tailoring it to the specific position. If you’re caught off guard, you may talk too much about personal interests and hobbies, instead of what’s relevant to the job.

“What is your biggest strength/weakness?”

It’s common to be told you should turn your weakness into a strength, but there’s a better way to play the question. When discussing your strengths, tie them directly into the position and how they’ll help you do a great job.

Switching to weakness, you want to use something they would absolutely not affect your work at this company. Be clear in explaining so your interviewer doesn’t spend his or her time imagining the worst-case scenario. It’s important to be honest with both these questions, but you don’t need to rattle off every weakness that might impede you doing your job.

“Why did you/why are you leaving your last job?”

This is an answer you need to have nailed down. If it wasn’t under the best conditions, you want to explain it well, without going into too much detail. It’s important to showcase the shifts in your career and why you think this is the next right step, based on previous positions.

“What do you know about this company?”

Being asked this is both a question and an invitation. The interviewer wants to see how much research you’ve put in prior to the interview, but also what you do with it. Apply what you know about the company to your own interests to help you show why you’re so passionate about the position.

“What questions do you have?”

Even if the interviewer did a fantastic job of answering any questions you might’ve had, you need to make sure you come in with other options, just in case. The more prepared you are, the more it can show the company you’re interested.

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One of the best problems to have as a hiring manager is two standout candidates you want to hire. Too often, you have the opposite problem when you don’t have a single star from your search and you’re forced to settle. With two great options, you know no matter what, you’re getting an exceptional employee. Use these tips to make the decision between two candidates.

Think About Your Culture

At the end of the day, you know both applicants are qualified, so you need to find the one who will fit in best with your company culture. One of the easiest tests is to think about an after-hours work event. Which candidate seems like they will fit in the best in this environment with the rest of your team?

Decide What You’re Actually Looking For

Break down the position by skills, team members, cultures, etc. Create an ideal version of the employee you’d like to hire and see which candidate aligns best with what you envision. This way, you’re looking at them from all angles and matching them to who you feel would be the perfect fit.

Talk to Your Teammates

This works in two ways: First by talking to those who were also in the interview to gauge their opinion, and second my discussing the matter with the new hire’s team. When you do this, you’re bringing in new insight that may help you see the matter more clearly and come to a decision faster. Plus, you’re including their teammates, which will make them feel more involved and more like they had a say in who joined them.

Consider Your Offer

Even if a candidate has made it this far with you, it doesn’t mean they will automatically say yes when you extend an offer. Additionally, the fact you really want them might mean they’re equally desired elsewhere. Once you’ve made your choice, it’s important to make sure your offer is competitive, and expresses how much you want to hire this person.

Failing to tailor an offer or go higher than you anticipated might mean they pass for another opportunity or reject what you initially present, causing the process to go longer. If you really want this candidate, you need to prove it.

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Becoming a supervisor is about more than a promotion to the title. To succeed, you need to look at your personality and skills, and figure out what you can do to make sure you become a great supervisor. Consider your current leadership style and think about how you can improve. Talk to your team and figure out what they’re looking for in an effective manager. For reference, here are a few things that make a great supervisor.


The power of a positive attitude can’t be overestimated. It’s one of the most important things you can bring to a team. When you show up for work with a good attitude, it will rub off on your team and spread to their environments, as well. Instead of being frustrated when a problem arises, your attitude will help you maintain calm and be an effective problem solver.


A good manager understands not only that they can’t do it all, but that there are people on their team who are equipped to do it better. Hand down tasks to your employees based on their skills and areas of responsibilities. Failure to target delegating might mean passing an assignment to someone who isn’t comfortable or right for the job.


This is one of the more frequently discussed, because it is that important. Failure to both talk to and listen to your employees can lead to a dysfunctional team. They need to know you’ll keep them informed and they can talk to you about anything, and trust you’ll handle it well.


This branches into several different areas, including deadlines and working hours. Essentially, you need to understand your team and their limitations. See how much they’re working and how much more they have to give. Sometimes, all that could be done is being done, which means a deadline might need to be adjusted. Occasionally an employee who’s a parent might need to adjust their schedule to meet a need for their child. No matter the specific situation, being accommodating as a manager can lead to increased loyalty from your team.

Looking for a New Management Position?

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The lack of good talent is becoming more of a national trend, not because of unqualified workers, but changes in the workforce and structure. Because of this, companies are having to readapt to their hiring environments after recognizing the reasons good talent is so hard to find.

You don’t have the talent in your local area anymore

Before the ease and accessibility of the internet, most candidates looked for work closer to home instead of casting a wider net. If you’re in a city without the talent you need, it may be time to focus your efforts on a wider scale. This may mean increasing your salary and benefits to attract local talent who wasn’t interested before or attract an out-of-towner who believes what you’re offering will make the move worth the transition.

Your employees aren’t staying as long as they used to

One of the biggest shifts in the modern workplace has been the longevity of an employee at a company. Now, workers are staying in a job for about two to four years before looking for something else. You can do your best to create a positive workplace to inspire this loyalty and dedication, and while it may work for some, you shouldn’t be surprised when this kind of turnover occurs.

You aren’t giving enough resources to your HR team

The answer isn’t always throwing more money at a problem, but sometimes a lack of funding can lead to limited and unsatisfying results. Acquiring talent and retaining it shouldn’t be action items you only consider when the need arises. They should always be a focus to make sure your current team is happy, and you’re prepared to replace someone if they leave.

If it isn’t a matter of a lack of HR time, but lack of an HR team to help you, you can always look externally into working with an employment agency. Not only will they take a lot of the time and effort out of the hiring process for you, but they can also use their expertise and wider geographic range to bring in candidates you wouldn’t see otherwise.

A staffing agency who puts you first

Workbox Staffing is here to help make your staffing needs easy and accurate. Just like you, we value high retention, which is why our screening process makes sure you’re getting the right candidates to fill your roles. Whether you need a candidate in manufacturing and light industrial operations, office help or warehouse operations, we have the right talent for you. Contact our top recruiters today to learn more about how we can help you!

Many employers today will do a background check to some extent in order to verify the information you provided. It can be as simple as contacting employers and references to verify when you worked where and what type of employee you are to as in-depth as a complete background check with criminal and credit record checks.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires employers to get permission from candidates before conducting a background check, but this isn’t the time to begin preparing. Look for information in the job posting or application about the possibility of a background check and begin your prep to make sure you pass.

Complete your own background check

One of the best ways to avoid being surprised check is to do a background check on yourself. This way, you’re aware of anything that might come up and you can be forthcoming in your conversations with the employer so isn’t a surprise to them, either.

Court and criminal records.

If you’ve had a run in with the law in the past, look into your records to verify the information is correct. Based on this, decide if any follow-up is needed with the court to update a now-expunged criminal record or reduced charges. The same goes for civil court records.

Credit report.

Something glaringly bad on your credit report can leave you out of the running for many jobs, so checking ahead of time can prepare you for any conversations around the report and give you a chance to defend it, if necessary. Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian are all required to give you reports for free, so you can cross reference and verify using these three reports.

Driving record.

This is especially important if any sort of driving or travel is going to be a part of your job. The company will check your driving record before allowing you behind the wheel, so you want to know what they may find.

Online presence.

A quick Google search will show what’s been said of you online. Check for your name in news stories, blog posts, and even your own social media. Make sure an employer isn’t going to find something unsavory in your digital history.

Always be honest.

Once you know what your background check will reveal about you to an employer, you know how to be honest with them during the interview. Failing to have your story line up with the facts can be a one-way ticket to rejection. Even with your experience, skill, and certifications, you want to be honest because these too can be verified and a lie will cost you the job.

 Empower yourself for a better tomorrow

At Workbox Staffing, we’re an employment agency with you in mind. We know not everyone can do what you do, so we pair you with a personalized career coach who will learn about and understand your exact set of skills to make sure we find the perfect job for you. Contact our knowledgeable team members today and begin your journey to a better tomorrow.