Longer days and rising temperatures remind us spring is right around the corner. With the anticipation of warmer weather comes the annual opportunity to throw out the old and welcome in the new. Your first thought about spring cleaning may be to drag out the broom and dustpan, but your home isn’t the only thing you can clean up this spring.

Embrace the start of a new season and spring clean your career with these five tips:

Tidy Up Your Online Reputation

Prospective employers can see what you say and do on social media so it’s important to make a good impression online. Take some time to review what kind of posts and photos you’ve published in the past. Delete anything that contains profanity or inappropriate photos. If you wouldn’t show it to your grandma, it’s probably not appropriate for employers.

Revamp Your Resume

When you apply for a job, your resume is your first impression. Take it to the next level by including active words, keeping your descriptions concise and thinking outside the box when it comes to experience. If you’ve volunteered for a nonprofit or religious organization, include those skills.

Brush Up On Industry Knowledge

Expand your knowledge of resources and thought leaders in your industry. Start by doing your homework – research trends and read relevant blogs. Search for professional organizations or associations and consider attending a local meeting. Reach out to someone you look up to and invite them to coffee. Use it as an opportunity to pick their brain and learn more about your field.

Spruce Up Your Skills

Take your career to the next level with a new skill set. Enroll for a course at a local community college, or enhance your education without spending a dime. There are a ton of free videos and online trainings that can help you further develop your skills. Search for some free tutorials in your industry.

Apply For A Job

Nothing says fresh start like a new gig. Apply for a job today. Our Workbox team takes pride in setting you up for success. Workbox has jobs available in manufacturing, light industrial, warehouse operations and office support.

We challenge you to think outside of the box this spring and clean up your career. Don’t know where to start? Contact us today! One of our recruiters would be happy to help.