A little about the blogger….my name is Michelle VanHemert, Sales Executive for Workbox Staffing  (Muskegon-Whitehall Branches).  My sales position at Workbox is my first ever selling position. I’ve  dabbled in Customer Service, Human Resources and Marketing. If I’m not hard at work; you will find me  golfing with my better half, reading, spending time with my kids or spending time on our property with my dog-kids, Jersey & Livvi!

My motto is “Whatever it Takes”, I learned this during my stint at TGW from by boss, VP of Sales, Gordon. He was such an inspiration and I learned a lot from him and credit him for how I do my job today! He instilled the “Whatever it Takes”positive attitude in me and I’ve carried it with me for the past 11 years. I did not know what to expect when walking into Workbox on my first day.  I asked myself several times prior to my start date; “How on earth am I going to sell staffing?”  Lets be honest, whenever you start something new and completely unfamiliar; you’re terrified, even if only for a split second. OK, maybe not everyone, but I was.  But only for a second.  After a week of training I realized I’ve found a home. Something I will flourish at; something, with a little polishing, I can be very good at. I’m a natural, people person that is. I just didn’t find a job, I found a passion.

Doing whatever it takes, being passionate and being likable is what makes me succeed.  Having an awesome boss, a great company that believes in me and an excellent staff that supports me certainly doesn’t hurt either. I never know what each day will bring and I like that. I do know that bringing the “Whatever it Takes” attitude will get me successfully through the day! The staff and clients can always count on me to:

-Be the first to reply to an email at all hours

-Hand out my business cards at non-work related events…I’m always networking

-Crack an off the wall joke at the least expected time

-Yell “Woo-hoo” when something exciting happens

-Drop what I’m doing to meet with a potential client

-Drop what I’m doing if a current client wants to see me

-Do the Sponge Bob dance with my recruiter, Celeste, when awarded new business

-Run a client lunch when they are overwhelmed

-Say something off the wall just to get the attention of my recruiter

I will do whatever it takes to make my clients, Workbox and myself succeed while making the work environment fun!  Who doesn’t like a little fun in their day?

In closing, I remember early on my boss commenting that “Michelle is always happy.” Well boss, I’m always happy because I’m always trying to focus on doing whatever it takes to succeed!

I don’t have time to be unhappy and fail!