One of our top priorities as recruiters is setting people up for success – that’s why we love what we do! We work hard to understand what candidates are looking for in a job and what skills they have to make sure we are placing them in a job that is a good fit.

There’s no magic word or quick fix for success. Everyone who achieves it works hard, stays focused, practices patience and develops the ability to enjoy the journey. While success looks different for everyone, there are some things all successful people have in common.

What are they? We’re glad you asked.

They Define Success
Success may not look the same to everyone. It’s important to define what it means to you. After all, you can’t achieve something if you don’t know what you’re working toward.

They Desire Self-Improvement
Some of the most successful, intelligent people are the quickest to ask for feedback. They aren’t afraid of criticism and always learn from their mistakes. While successful people are often mentors to others, they too identify people who they admire and seek out their council.

They Give Themselves A Break
While knowing when to buckle down and put in the overtime is important, successful people also know when enough is enough. It’s necessary to reward yourself and take a break from time to time to avoid burnout. This can be anything from a 15-minute walk outside to a weekend getaway.

They Have A Strong Network
Sometimes it’s not just what you know; it’s who you know. Successful people not only have the skills to do the job, they spend time attending mixers, fundraisers and other networking opportunities. They don’t just build their network; they nurture it by spending time following up with the contacts they’ve made.

They Have A Humble Attitude
With success comes the responsibility of leadership. A humble attitude is one of the best ways to earn the respect of the people you work with and empower them to accomplish more. Successful people are the first to say thank you and express gratitude, no matter what someone’s job title is.

They Desire To Exceed Expectations
Successful people always do a little bit more than what is asked of them. They go the extra mile and stand out because of it.

They Have A Willingness To Change
You’ll never hear a successful person say, “Because that’s the way we’ve always done it.” They don’t sit around in fear of change, they embrace it. They tend to be proactive instead of reactive.

They Are Passionate
Successful people are not indifferent or apathetic about what they do. They are enthusiastic and genuinely excited about the process and the product of their efforts. They look forward to the day ahead and see it as an opportunity to impact the world.

They Get Started
When you have many goals and aspirations, it can be difficult to discern where to begin. Successful people don’t stay overwhelmed for long. They choose one thing they can do right now to get started.

Successful people didn’t acquire all of these traits at once. They built them up over time by focusing on one area at a time.

If you want to get started and discover your potential to succeed, contact us to meet with one of our recruiters or apply for a job that emphasizes your skills and challenges you to build new ones.

Which character traits do you have? We’d love to know!