Heart-shaped chocolates, roses and candlelit dinners – these are just a few of the pleasant surprises we expect on Valentine’s Day. But what about a break up? Not so much, right?


When people think of cutting ties with a disappointing relationship, they often think of a significant other. When in fact, one of the most unsatisfying relationships you can be in is with unemployment.

Is unemployment stealing your joy, confidence or independence? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to move on. Here are four ways you can kick unemployment to the curb and make room for opportunity:

Set Job Search Goals
Like any goal you set, it’s helpful to set a timeline and make sure it’s measurable. Maybe you want to schedule one interview before March 1. You’ll need to make sure you identify the necessary steps leading up to your goal. Perhaps that means within the next week you’ll commit to searching for jobs and identifying three you feel you are qualified for.

Freshen Up Your Resume
Put your best foot forward with an updated resume. Make sure all of the details are there including the job title, employer and dates of employment for each position you’ve held. Don’t sell yourself short! Include volunteer involvement or any relevant experience and training you may have. Make your resume easy on the eyes by using bullets to describe what you accomplished at each job.

Practice Your Interview Skills
Practice makes perfect. If you’ve been out of the game for a little while, it’s not a bad idea to talk yourself up in the mirror. Most interviews start with the infamous “tell me about yourself” question. Be prepared by practicing the ability to summarize your experience in about 30 seconds.

Apply For A Job
Break up with unemployment and apply for a job today. Workbox has jobs available in manufacturing, light industrial, warehouse operations and office support. Our Workbox team is dedicated to helping you find a job that’s a perfect match.

Contact us to break up with unemployment and set a date with one of our recruiters. We think you have a lot to offer!