One of the most valued traits is reliability. Whether it’s a person or vehicle, you want someone or something you can trust to get the job done as promised. During your job search and in your career, one of the best ways to show your worth as an employee is to demonstrate how reliable you are. Below are four ways to make sure an employer knows you’re reliable.

You keep your word

When you have a plan or idea, you see it through from beginning to end. Even when it gets difficult, you don’t drop off and lose focus. More than just starting and finishing, you do both in a strong manner.

To keep your word also involves a level of integrity where you do the right thing in all situations. When your employer sees you aren’t swayed by your co-workers and you don’t compromise your beliefs, they’ll know they can depend on you.

You respect time

When you have a meeting scheduled, it’s important to show you respect both your time and others by showing up or being ready on time. Being late can convey selfishness around your priorities and schedule.

You say yes and no

Unreliable people tend to overcommit and lose track of projects and requests. The other side of the spectrum is saying no to everything and not being a team player. The key to reliability is about managing commitments.

It’s important you understand your bandwidth at any given time and to consider the time commitment before saying yes or no. The person asking wants an answer but requesting some time to think shows an important level of consideration. By making sure you’re responding to what is and isn’t feasible for you, your employer can trust you’re going to complete what you say you will.

You stay in communication

Sometimes things go wrong, and you have to provide an update to the person in charge of the project. An unreliable person may put off the conversation as long as possible, trying to do damage control and solve the issue before it becomes known.

Being reliable, however, is about proactively communicating when the unforeseen happens and owning up to the delay. This way you can work to develop a solution instead of avoiding phone calls and feeling panicked on your own.

An employment agency with you in mind

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