With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to think about how you’re going to say thank you to your employees for another year of hard work. Most companies perform year-end reviews that can come with a raise, but it’s important to go above and beyond when possible to let your team know they’re appreciated. Here are six holiday incentives to help you express your gratitude:


More vacation time

Awarding extra paid days off for a job well done is a great way to show your employees you’re thankful for their work and you value their time and dedication. The gift of time is invaluable.

Extra fun in the office

Sometimes an incentive can be as simple as adding some fun to the office. Kick off the season with some holiday excitement to keep everyone engaged as the end of the year approaches. You can have special days with bagels, donuts, and even a potluck. These events don’t need to take a lot of planning, but they can help spread good cheer.

Bonuses for everyone

If your company had a great year, consider giving bonuses to everyone. You want your team to be invested, and if you reward them for their efforts, they’ll feel more connected to the mission. This is a great way to recognize everything that was achieved was accomplished because of your employees.


It doesn’t need to be complicated. Incentives in the form of cash or gift cards can say thank you in a really impactful way.

Performance-based bonuses

These are a more common incentive, but they’re useful. A raise is good, but an extra paycheck at the end of the year based on how an employee did can make them feel good and inspire them to keep working hard. It’s an easy tie-in to a performance review and can take away accusations of being ‘unfair.’

Find out what they want

At the end of the day, the easiest way to find out how your employees want to be thanked is to ask them. Survey to see what would make them feel appreciated and reward them accordingly. This is a great gift in and of itself – not only are they getting what they want, you’re starting the process by listening to them.

Hire employees you’ll want to thank

You want a team that will work hard for you, and we can deliver those people. Next time you’re looking for the best talent and not just bodies to fill roles, consider Workbox Staffing. We’re a different kind of employment agency dedicating to finding and providing the best talent to our clients. Contact one of our top staffing experts today for more information!


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It can be easy to let the job search get the best of you, especially when you enter it with unrealistic expectations. Instead of a practical approach, you believe the myths that the perfect job is waiting for you and when you find it, your resume will land directly on the hiring manager’s desk. It’s true anything can happen, but you need to be aware of these 5 job search myths in order to give yourself the best chance of success.


1. I’ll get the job if it’s meant to be.

Because the job search can be soul-crushing, a bit of optimism isn’t unwelcome. The issue comes when you rely strictly on hope without doing any follow-up work to make it a reality. Instead of hoping, take action to make it happen. Show the employer your passion and dedication instead of relying on fate.

2. A cover letter isn’t that important.

When completing an online application, it’s easy to skip the non-essential option of a cover letter. Rather than taking the time to write or tailor what you already have, you believe what you’ve listed is enough to convey an accurate story about you.

Not only does it serve as an introduction; it’s also your chance to explain the position you want and more importantly, how you are perfectly qualified for it based on your experience. Your resume is the foundation of a story, but your cover letter allows you to connect everything directly.

3. I’ll hear back from every position I apply for.

This world is automated, so usually you’ll receive an acknowledgment your application was received and occasionally position has been filled. Typically, it will be an email explaining while you were impressive, someone else was just more impressive.

Often, you won’t hear anything at all. You won’t know if your application was received, reviewed or rejected. If it’s a position you’re passionate about, reach out to a real person for an update.

4. My passion outweighs my experience.

Sometimes you stumble upon the job you’ve always wanted, only to learn you don’t actually have the necessary experience to get hired. Instead of accepting this, you submit your resume and try to convey your passion, so the hiring manager will understand how qualified you actually are. Unfortunately, an employer can usually find someone with passion who also has the right amount of experience.

5. I’ll increase my chances of being hired by lowering my salary ask.

This is understandable in theory, but in reality, it can convey desperation that makes an employer decide to pass on your application.

Find a job with Workbox Staffing

Workbox is an employment agency with your needs in mind. We offer opportunities in office help, manufacturing, and light industrial operations. Instead of stressing about your job search, trust Workbox Staffing to find your next opportunity.

Workbox Staffing

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No matter what industry you’re in or how big your organization is, you understand just how time-consuming the hiring process can become. From posting the job to reviewing applicants to conducting interviews, the time and money investment can be taxing on your entire workforce. Consider how magnified the process is for a company that receives more than two applications every year.


Google is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and as a result, people want to work there. It’s statistically harder to get a position at Google than it is to be accepted into Harvard. Recognizing all the time and money lost in the hiring process, they decided it was time to do research and determine the most effective practices to find top candidates.

Don’t interview a candidate more than four times

You want to make sure you’ve found the right person for a position because you understand the damaging effects of a toxic hire. Plus, hiring someone who doesn’t work out can cost even more time and frustration. Because of this, you want to keep interviewing your candidates to make sure you’ve actually selected the right person.

The Analytics Team at Google examined five years of data and found the magic number of interviews to be four, specifically finding that new hires could be brought on with 86 percent confidence of success. Once you go to number five, the likelihood of it working out continues to decrease.

Save time and money

This research led to the discovery that reducing the number of interviews cut down the actual time-to-hire period, allowing staff to return to their normal job functions. By reducing this time, you also make the process easier for candidates. The longer you wait to extend an offer, the more likely it is they’ll find another opportunity.

Applying this philosophy to your company

Most companies don’t have the same extensive 12-interview process with travel involved, but these results are still telling. It’s important to know what works for your company so you can guarantee you find the right candidate and onboard them promptly.

Find a candidate faster with Workbox Staffing

We get how long it can take to find the right candidate, but we’re here to make it easier. Our employment agency has the qualified employees you’re looking for in job capabilities like office help as well as manufacturing, light industrial and warehouse operations. Contact our team of recruiters today to learn more!


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Dressing for the job you want is a common suggestion when it comes to interview attire, but figuring out what it actually means can be confusing. At the basic level, you understand it’s about looking nicer than your usual outfit selection, but that still leaves room for interpretation. Instead of overthinking it, consider these basic guidelines for what to wear to a job interview.

1. Consider your colors

A pop of color can be nice, but it should be used as a complement and not the main theme of the outfit. Stick with classic colors, like black, navy, and khaki for most of your look and add in a little color if desired.

When you wear a color, you’re instantly drawing more attention to your appearance. If something is too tight or too short, the color will accentuate it and potentially hurt your chances of getting the job. Similarly, avoid loudly patterned ties. You want to wear one that coordinates well with your outfit but doesn’t make a large statement itself.

Workbox Staffing

2. Don’t overdo it

Smelling good is always a positive in life, but dousing yourself in heaps of cologne or perfume can leave a negative impression and potentially create an uncomfortable interview atmosphere. Try out the scent you want to wear before the interview and ask for opinions. Keep it light so your smell doesn’t silently dominate the conversation. When it comes to make-up, a simple look is preferable to bright, dominating colors. Think natural colors to enhance your features without overpowering your face.

3. But don’t underdo it either

Staying too casual can make it seem like you don’t care about the position or you’re unprepared for a job in a professional environment. Even if it’s a job in retail or something with a set uniform, you should still avoid jeans or the trap of just adding a blazer to spruce up an outfit. Even if you see other candidates and feel overdressed, it’s better to look your best than take a chance.

4. Keep it classic without being dated

Classic, well-fitted pieces are your best bet when selecting your interview outfit. You want something that fits well and supports your qualifications. If you don’t have anything that looks like it was made in the last few years, invest in a few nice pieces, including a new pair of shoes.

Continued growth, classic styles

Workbox Staffing isn’t your average staffing agency. We’ve always been a small firm, but in our more than 20 years of business, we’ve proven we can rival and even outshine what the bigger companies have to offer. Our methods rely on developing personal relationships and embracing the value of a handshake. It’s the classic approach with modern methods that have made us one of Inc. 500 Magazine’s fastest growing companies.

We invite you to come and keep growing with us. Contact one of our top staffing experts today!

Before you begin a job interview, you’re judged on a number of things. The interviewer has reviewed your resume and application, and potentially even your social media. They will mentally notice your appearance and how you interact with those around you. What time you arrive can also play a large part in their perception.

Arriving early is crucial, but you don’t want to be so early that you look a little desperate. Planning to get there on time is planning to be late because you need wiggle room in case something goes wrong. If everything goes smoothly and you’re very early, you can relax and prepare in your vehicle before going in. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, things still go wrong, and you can’t make it on time. When that happens, don’t panic! Remember the following tips.

Give Them a Heads Up

Instead of assuming it will be fine because you’re only going to be a few minutes late, give them a courtesy call if possible. Let me know what happened and when you should be arriving. Offer to reschedule if later doesn’t work with them, and they’re willing to still see you.

Take a Moment to Breathe

If the interview is still happening, give yourself a few moments to calm down before going in. This will allow you to mentally prepare for what’s ahead and leave for what’s behind. If you just rush in, you might be filled with adrenaline and too frantic to give a proper interview. You don’t want to delay any longer, but it’s better for everyone if you breathe first.


Keep the Apology Simple

Your inclination might be to over-apologize and constantly reference your tardiness, but that can work against you. When you enter, briefly apologize, explain this isn’t like you, and move on. Continuing to babble won’t change what time you arrived, but it will take away from the interview moving forward.

Stay Positive

It can be really easy to take the apology into a spiral of regret and negativity. This is why moving on quickly is so important. You want to keep things light both for those interviewing you and for yourself.

Impress Them Despite Everything

Adaptability is an important skill, and now you have the perfect chance to show it off. You’ve entered the room calmly, offered a brief explanation and apology, and now you’re behaving as if you didn’t just have the most stressful 15 minutes of your life. This can speak to how you operate under pressure and ultimately work in your favor.

Now Looking for Performers

Companies trust us to find talents because we only bring in the ones who know their craft and do the job well. If you have skills in manufacturing, light industrial, warehouse or office work, we want to match you with an employer. Get started with our staffing specialists today!



Most companies work toward a strong company culture. In today’s world, they understand how valuable it is in both attracting talent and reducing turnover. Maybe in your own place of business, you’re proud of what you’ve built and believe it contributes to employee happiness.

Sometimes a thriving culture can start to fail. The energy that used to pulse around the office now barely hums on a good day, and there’s a lack of enthusiasm that can be felt. Resignation letters start arriving, and the ones who stay clearly aren’t satisfied. Rather than letting your culture fail you, pay attention to these red flags alerting you to a problem.

1. The Buzz is Gone

A once-lively office is now silent, with only the sounds of shifting weight and keyboard clicks. Instead of walking to bounce an idea off of someone, your employees opt for emails. There’s no small talk around the water cooler or laughter about a weekend adventure. Once the crickets come out, you should be worried.

2. The Lunchroom is Empty

Similar to a workspace devoid of noise is a lunchroom devoid of people. Instead of gathering during the lunch hour to take a real break and talk, your team chooses to sit in silence at their desks. Either they keep working or entertain themselves with no desire to speak to anyone else. Comradery is key when it comes to a healthy culture, and losing the lunchroom bonding can indicate you’re heading downhill.


3. People Have Stopped Caring

When your employees are content, they’re more likely to take care of their workspace. As your culture declines, you might notice junk and dust piling up. Gone are the days of people caring about their surroundings; now they opt for filth because they don’t care enough to clean anything.

4. There’s a Lack of Initiative

In your prime, everyone wants to be a part of the challenges. Volunteers are easy to find, and everyone works together to come up with creative solutions. Now, no one takes the initiative to go above and beyond.

5. Everyone Is Pointing Fingers

In a healthy culture, blame is shared when something goes wrong. A team is accountable, instead of a person. When things go south, people begin playing the blame game and calling out someone who is at fault. This is a survival technique, whereas companies thrive when the team sticks together.

Company Culture Depends on Who You Hire

To maintain a positive company culture, you want to bring in employees who get it and are dedicated to preserving it. Good help like this is hard to find, except when you work with Workbox Staffing. We deliver the top talent, tested to make sure they’re the best. Find out how our staffing experts can help you today!



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