Offering Jobs in Industrial, Manufacturing, Warehouse and Office Support.
The reason why so many employees come to us looking for work is because we’re often the first place employers call when they’re looking to hire. Keep in mind though; becoming a WorkBox temp can be a tough job to land. We only hire those who can do the job, do it right, and add to our client’s productivity. Our screening process is thorough and our expectations are high. But that’s why WorkBox workers are so highly sought after by some of the best companies in the area. We won’t have it any other way. And once you’re on board, neither will you.

We fill positions in the following areas on a regular basis. If you have experience in any of these areas, give us a call. It’s likely that we have a job waiting for you.

  • Manufacturing
  • Light Industrial
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Office Support

Looking for work can be an exhausting and arduous process. With resumes to update and cover letters to write, it can start to seem like a never-ending task. Not at Workbox Staffing. Once you join our team, you can be sure that you’re on the path to workplace success. When it comes to staffing, companies in Detroit and throughout Michigan and Indiana come to us first. That’s because, despite our small size, we compete with some of the top, national employment agencies. We know the work and the workers and can help both employees and companies of Detroit flourish.

Landing a position as a Workbox temp is serious business. We only hire those who can do the job and do it right. We know our corporate clients are focused on increasing productivity and our temp workers need to share the same goals. Potential employees go through an extensive screening process to ensure they’re reliable, hardworking and knowledgeable. These standards are why Workbox temps are highly sought after in the workplace. Unlike larger, national employment agencies, you can be sure with WorkBox that a local man on the ground will be there to help with all their staffing needs in Detroit and throughout Michigan. As a temp, you will get the help you need to find the right position.

To ensure that we have the best workers, we cater to jobs in manufacturing, light industrial work, warehouse operations and office support. We regularly fill jobs in these positions and may already have a job waiting for you. In addition to serving Detroit, our employment agency can be found in Muskegon. We know you’re looking for reliable employment agencies, and we’re sure our recruiters will provide their best services in helping you land a job. Detroit based companies, as well as companies with branch offices in and around the city trust Workbox Staffing for the best temp workers around. That means, if you want to move up the career ladder, we will be there to spot you.

If you’re qualified and looking for work, contact us today.